WAVE Systems leverages the existing security hardware already built-in in most of the modern enterprise devices to help and protect you from the undetectable malware and rootkits by the traditional software solution likes anti-virus.

WAVE Systems uses the Trusted Platform Modules (TPM), and the Self Encrypting Drives (SED) to ensure that you have all your data encrypted seamlessly with the almost no performance compromise.

The WAVE alternative

A different approach
The Approach

     Instead of providing you with the traditional security software like Hard disk encryption, anti-virus, or personal Firewalls, WAVE approaches the challenge of data protection by providing you with the software to manage the built-in security features in your enterprise devices like the Self Encrypting Hard disk (SED), and the Trusted Platform Modules (TPM) .

     WAVE Systems started with the device. Which makes sense in this new world without borders where most of the workforce are mobile and where the IT perimeter has vanished. We have to face it, the traditional security solutions aren't effective anymore when it comes to face the very new advanced rootkits and malware that go undetected by the those software.

     We confirms your security status, not assume it. Through WAVE Systems, you can be sure that you are authenticating the device you are using against any modification that could have happened to its system, so it doesn't matter how complex is the malware or how undetectable is it, as soon as it modifies any part of the device's software you will be informed.

     Moreover, you won't be investing in new hardware. WAVE Systems leverages the existing TPMs and SEDs that you already have in your devices.

Product portfolio
  • - SED Management
  • - Bit Locker Management
  • - Endpoint Monitor (WEM)
Products Overview

EMBASSY Security Center: managing your existing security hardware (TPMs and SEDs) to enhance your security by authenticating both the user and the integrity of the device they are using.
EMBASSY Remote Administration Server (ERAS) for SED and TPM: utilising the magnificent feature "Virtual Smart Card" you won't have to administer and bare the huge costs of smart cards, or Tokens anymore while maintaing the Ultra-security features of the multi-factor authentication.

WAVE for Bitlocker management: many features from centralized policy enforcement, remote bitlocker activiation of machines to auditing and reporting functions and all in one console for simplicity :)

WAVE Encryptor: for organisation who still didn't utilize the SEDs in their environment, WAVE Encryptor provides Hard disk encryption as a software solution in a seamless and transparent manner.

WAVE Endpoint Monitor: a suite to guarantee the integrity of the device with no compromises.

Others using Druva software
Many corporations across different industries rely on Druva when it comes to Endpoint data protection for mobile users. Some of them are below:

“We have 6000 end-user computers, spread across our Corporate Center and 14 Hospital facilities - that's a lot of ports to secure. With HIPAA compliance necessitating data accountability, Safend's ease-of-use, audit capabilities, and integration with Active Directory simplifies requirements. It works 'as advertised"

Lenny Goodman, IT Director for Desktop Management, Baptist Memorial Health Care