In 2008 Druva's founders set out to create a new kind of data protection solution for the enterprise: one that could handle the fast growing demands of end user mobility while reducing the workload for IT.

inSync is that solution, providing a fully-integrated, easy-to-use platform for enterprise-wide data protection and governance. Today Druva is a global company serving over 3,000 mid to large enterprise customers across a wide range of industries.


Endpoint backup solutions

     Druva, Garter #1 in Mobile workforce protection, provide complete protection for all the data on the Endpoints in any Enterprise size.

     Druva maintains infinite copies or revisions of any file created in your computer, you can retrieve any file at any revision even in case of accidental deletion of the file. Through the advanced Deduplication technology used by Druva, only the differential changes in the files are backed up which saves upto 90% of the required storage.

     No matter what device you use; let it be Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, or even Android phone, Druva will back up all your important data, photos, and even contacts.

     Moreover, you will never have to worry about the confidentiality of your device in case it got stolen or misplaced. Druva provides seamless data encryption with 256-bit AES for your data at rest, and also provides all the means to track down your stolen device and the option to remotely wipe all the data on the stolen device to protect your privacy.

Product portfolio
  • - Endpoint Backup
  • - File share and Sync
  • - Data Governance
  • - Data Loss Prevention
Endpoint Backup

Cross Platform Backup & Restore: inSync supports backup, access, and restore across all platforms and devices. As well as Persona Backup that preserves personal settings
Industry's Best Data Reduction: Advanced global deduplication results in fast, lightweight backups, saving up to 90% on storage and bandwidth consumption when compared to competitive solutions.

Designed for End Users: Non-disruptive backups and ongoing data access maximize user productivity. Moreover, WAN optimization and smart resource throttling ensure non-disruptive backups

Automated, Centralized, Integrated: Automated installation and integrated mass deployment allow rollout without user involvement. Also, Centralized administration enables IT to manage all aspects of backup for all devices.

File Share & Sync

Access, Productivity, & Collaboration: inSync Share provides robust, easy-to-use functionality for the mobile workforce. Quick access to all data from any device, whether or not that data has been shared.

IT Control Over Corporate Data: With inSync Share, IT can ensure data is not exposed to unauthorized individuals. Detailed audit trails of sharing activities provide complete IT visibility into usage and tracking for compliance purposes.

End-to-end Data Security and Privacy: inSync Share protects shared data against breach and leakage with the strongest enterprise-grade security features. Encryption at-rest, and in-transit, across all devices, keeps your data constantly secure.

Data Loss Protection

Complete Mobile Data Protection: inSync prevents data loss and breach on laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Features like: Remote wipe, geo-location, and device encryption as well as Mobile container preserves user privacy on BYOD devices while protecting against data breach.

Remotely Wipe Corporate Data: When a device is lost or stolen, IT can completely remove corporate data. The Remote wipe meets NSA/CSS standards for data removal and disk sanitation.

Geo-Locate Any Endpoint, At Any Time: IT can track the location of any endpoint to determine if devices are lost or stolen. Precise tracking provides the geographic location within 10-20 meters on Google Maps interface. It also displays the last-known IP address of every device.

Data Governance

Comprehensive Data Visibility: By centrally capturing endpoint data and gathering complete audit trails of user interactions, inSync provides a 360-degree view for responding to governance needs. User activity streams reveal data usage and sharing patterns by providing a record of all activity.

Complete Control With Global Policies: inSync gives IT enterprise-wide control of data protection and governance with the ability to set centralized policies for backup, file sharing, and access across users and groups. Data-privacy settings can prevent administrators from viewing the content of user data for privileged groups.

Simplified e-Discovery: Centralized data access and integrated tools provide for adherence to compliance guidelines and eDiscovery enablement. Secure file system access enables ingestion into an eDiscovery ECA platform, without the need for intermediary storage, for further review by legal teams.

Advanced Data Insights: inSync enables IT to monitor and analyze data usage to assess whether compliance guidelines are being met. Summary charts give administrators an immediate overview of data by file type and size

OEM Partners
Many security and networking vendors integrate Sophos in their solutions. Some of them are

"[inSync] is simple, fast and totally non-intrusive."

Iann Glass, Director of Group IT, Capita